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Tsurinoya PE-FAST X9 Strand Braid 0.148mm 20lbs

Tsurinoya PE-FAST X9 Strand Braid 0.148mm 20lbs

PE-FAST X9 is an extremely thin and sensitive braid by Tsurinoya, with a 9 strand structure it is not only smooth and sensitive but true to its breaking strain. This model is 0.148mm and 20lbs.





We have done multiple tests on this line including knot strength, diameter, and feel. When using a Palomar knot the line was breaking just above the stated breaking strain. As shown by photos it is true to its stated diameter, overall we feel this line has a great feel and is very responsive.






Available in two colours, PINK and GREEN which are both Hi-Viz.

  • Shipping

    Shipping is 90p to anywhere in the UK. Items are sent Royal Mail.

  • Returns

    Returns are only accepted due to damaged or defect items, a decison will be made on the situation.

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