Tsurinoya KF-50S Brake Upgrade Kit

Tsurinoya KF-50S Brake Upgrade Kit

Makes an already insane reel even better!


This kit contains 4 extra magnets to add to the internal brakes of your KF-50S, this gives a more predictable, versatile and better braking system!


Fitting these magnets will allow you to have a wider range of better working brake settings. Put simply, you'll be able to cast a lot bigger range of weights and still get consistent braking! This applies to both the upper and lower end of casting weights.


The kit contains:


x2 4mm DIA x 1mm N42 Magnets

x2 4mm DIA x 0.50mm N42 Magnets


Instructions are included on how to install.


I'd like to say a massive thanks to Paul for coming up with and testing the idea of trying these little magnets. He's put in some great work during the testing stages, it would be awesome if you checked out his website! https://fishingdiscoveries.com/tsurinoya-dark-wolf-ultra/