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Tsurinoya Insecta 'Backslide' Worm 2.2"
  • Tsurinoya Insecta 'Backslide' Worm 2.2"

    The perfect UL 'Backslide' bait!


    Designed to be rigged backwards weighlessly on a carolina rig (or entirely weightless), these baits are killer when you want a unique and natural presentation. Perfectly immitating a fleeing crayfish, these lures slide horizontally down in the water column.


    Made from a high density material these lures are 4.9g while only being 2.2" long so perfect for fishing weightless.


    10pcs per pack 2.2" 4.9g



    Green Pumpkin N Blue Flake SE-A

    Shrimp SE-B

    Motoroil SE-C

    Salt N Pepper Squid SE-E

    Green Pumpkin N Lime SE-F

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