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Tsurinoya Hero XH
  • Tsurinoya Hero XH

    Here at Needham's ST we are delighted to finally be able to venture into the market of H and XH Lure Rods aimed at you UK Pike Anglers! We've had the Hero XH on test for the last 6 months and have taken our time to ensure that this rod is perfect for its intended use.


    If your after a super strong , light and sensitive XH Lure rod aimed at throwing Lures up to 100g then the Hero XH is the perfect option for you.


    Finished to Tsurinoya's highest standard featuring FUJI Guides with Alconite Rings, FUJI ECS Reel Seat and exceptionally sensitive X Cross Carbon Weave. This rod is at home throwing anything from Jerkbaits to Soft Shads as its fast action accommodates for a range of techniques. Every bit of vibration is transmitted through the rod perfectly and bites are very easily detected! Its got the power to tame the biggest of Pike yet still being forgiving enough to land any bonus Perch, Chub, Zander or small Pike.


    The rod was originally designed as a Snakehead rod and has been rated for casting lures in the 14-35g range. We've done extensive testing and the rod is more than capable of handling lures up to 100g, we feel this is a fitting casting range for the rod. 


    Specs -


    Length: 2.28m

    Rod Weight: 180g

    Casting Weight: 20-100g

    Action: Fast


    Anything else out there at this price is going to feel sloppy, dull and heavy. We truly feel that this rod is not only an exceptional value for money option but its going to set a new standard in terms of affordable XH Lure Rods.

      £139.99 Regular Price
      £83.99Sale Price
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