Tsurinoya DW29 Mini Minnow 42mm 2.8g
  • Tsurinoya DW29 Mini Minnow 42mm 2.8g

    SKU: DW29

    Perfect Mini jerkbaits for UL Perch and Trout fishing. Coming in at a tiny size of 42mm and 2.8g these lures are perfect imitations of a wounded baitfish! Equipped with super sharp hooks and strong split rings they are ready to fish. You can also change the hooks to singles if you wish. With jerks of the rod tip the lures dart forwards and then slowly flutter down. Best fished with the twitch, twitch pause method!





    We have 3 colours available (top to bottom on photo 1):






    Green Shiner



    Black Minnow


    Foil Roach












    42mm length



    2.8g weight



    Running depth of 0.1-1.5m (can be fished deeper as lures are slow sinking)



    Slow sinking


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