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TSU Tempter 50mm 12.5g VIB
  • TSU Tempter 50mm 12.5g VIB

    An inticing VIB lure with a high frequency vibration, loud rattle and pulsing action.


    The Tempter 50mm is the ideal searching bait, it is extremely versatile as it can be fished at various depths throughout the water column depending on the retrieve speed. This comes especially in handy when fishing bigger and deep bodies of water as you can allow the lure to sink to the target depthj on which you plan to retrieve at.


    With a narrow back, wide belly and thin tail design the Tempter 50s has a strong swimming action which attracts fish. The small body also reduces the vigilance of fish when attacking the lure, they are more likely to strike due to the size and frequency not being overwhelming.


    I use this bait myself during winter when I want to cover lots of water. A slow retrieve is ideal for colder conditions, when it warms up a little a faster retrieve can catch the attention of fish in the area.


    50mm 12.5g, supplied wioth TSU Treble Hooks.


    7 colours available:


    B - Rudd

    D - Roach

    E - Darkness

    F - Holo Perch

    G - Lemon Perch

    J - Spotted Shad





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