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TSU Phantom Backslide 4.3" 8.3g
  • TSU Phantom Backslide 4.3" 8.3g

    Based on the highly popular JDM Lure Dolive Shot from OSP!


    The TSU Phantom Backslide is a creature bait design especially for use with a "Backslide rig". When rigged backwards, these baits will fall away from the user, this is especially useful for fishing into the cover or undercut banks. It's also an action that the fish have never seen before!


    These lures have a high salt content so are heavier than a normal lure of this size, this gives you the ability to fish them weightless and still achieve a natural fall rate whether this be on a Carolina, Texas or Weightless rig.


    3 colours:


    B - Pumpkin Craw (best in clear water)

    E - Green Pumpkin and Blue Flake (best in dirty water)

    D - Magic Minnow (ideal also for a shad immitation)

    G - Green Pumpkin N Lime

    I - Signal Cray

    J - Simple Shad


    6pcs per pack


    If your after an edge that the fish haven't seen before then pick these baits up!

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