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TSU Neko Ambush 96mm 12.5g
  • TSU Neko Ambush 96mm 12.5g

    The TSU Neko Ambush has been designed to be used when Neko Rigging, it has a deadly action which can trigger bites from finikcy or disinterested fish!


    When fished on a Neko Rig and jigged along the bottom the lure will hop towards the user with the tail wafting around. This type of lure has proven deadly for me on multiple occasions, the strike always comes when it's paused on the bottom!


    Loaded with Salt and Shrimp scented attractant you're sure to catch the attention of any predatory fish!


    We would recommend using our TSU Wacky Hooks #2 and TSU Tungsten Nail Weights to pair with these baits. Best fished slowly along the bottom!


    Perfect for Perch, Chub, and Zander! 7pcs per pack


    Available in 3 Colours:


    G - Orange Sunset

    H - Junebug (our favorite for dirty water!)

    D - Chocolate Lime

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