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TSU Nebula Shrimp 3.8" 7.5g
  • TSU Nebula Shrimp 3.8" 7.5g

    Similar in design to the popular JDM Lure BaoBabHog EX by GeeCrack!


    The TSU Nebula Craw is designed with a ringed body which delivers an enticing underwater action. The front claw area moves a large amount of water and is the ideal bait in flood or murky conditions for maximum attraction!


    The unique action of these lures is something that the fish haven't seen before, with subtle shakes of the rod tip they flutter with a deadly action. I love to fish these very slow off the bottom on a Texas Rig to replicate a moving cray or on a bass jig as a trailer. Absolutely loaded with salt, shrimp and amino attractant!


    These can however be fished on a variety of rigs so be sure to experiment!


    3.8" 7.5g!


    6 colours:


    A - Black n Blue

    B - Chart Tipped Perch

    C - Red Belly Signal

    D - Smelt

    F - Chart Tipped Green Pumpkin

    G - Motoroil


    6pcs per pack


    If your after an edge that the fish haven't seen before then pick these baits up!

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