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TSU Intruder 46S Sinking Minnow 46mm 5g
  • TSU Intruder 46S Sinking Minnow 46mm 5g

    A NEW and improved Jerkbait from Tsurinoya!


    These 46mm 5g jerk baits are great for Trout and Perch. With Trout season being in full swing they are perfect for chucking in moving water!


    The baits are slow sinking and have an erratic motion when jerked with the rod tip, on the pause they sink slowly and flutter down. We have decided to leave the trebles on to allow anglers to change them out to singles of their choice if they wish.


    Features a low centre of gravity internal weight for longer casting distance. This also allows a consistent action even in deep or fast moving water!


    Supplied with super sharp Size #14 TSU Treble Hooks!


    Running depth of 0.4-0.6m, although can be worked even shallower.


    We would recommend changing to our range of Single Hooks if you are using this bait for Trout. This is better for the fish and the angler as you get more hooks up and easier unhooking!


    You can find them here Valortac Barbed Single Hooks | Needham's ST (


    16 Colours:


    Intruder 46S - A Firetiger

    Intruder 46S - B White Shad

    Intruder 46S - C Tiger Shad

    Intruder 46S - D Clown

    Intruder 46S - E Tiger Trout

    Intruder 46S - F Lime Shad

    Intruder 46S - G Sunset Trout

    Intruder 46S - H Rhubarb

    Intruder 46S - I Holo Pink

    Intruder 46S - J Yemame

    Intruder 46S - K Red N White

    Intruder 46S - L Amago

    Intruder 46S - M Red Speckle

    Intruder 46S - N Pink Speckle

    Intruder 46S - O Shamrock

    Intruder 46S - P Blue Shimmer


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