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TSU Flame Worm 3.0" 1.8g
  • TSU Flame Worm 3.0" 1.8g

    The TSU Flame Worm is designed with a ringed body which delivers an enticing underwater action similar to a dying or distressed fish. The body moves delicately with the most subtle of action, the lure is also bouyant meaning its the ideal drop-shot or NED Rig bait!


    The unique action of these lures is something that the fish haven't seen before, with subtle shakes of the rod tip they flutter with a deadly action. I love to fish these very slow off the bottom on a Drop-shot Rig to replicate a dying fish or on a NED Rig. Absolutely loaded with salt, shrimp and amino attractant!


    These can however be fished on a variety of rigs so be sure to experiment!


    3.0" 1.8g!


    3 colours:


    A - Magic Minnow

    F - White Shad

    G - Orange Motoroil


    16pcs per pack


    If your after an edge that the fish haven't seen before then pick these baits up!

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