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TSU Finesse Floating NED Worm 2.75" 4.3g
  • TSU Finesse Floating NED Worm 2.75" 4.3g

    The TSU Finesse NED Worm has been designed to be fished slowly along the bottom, this style of bait can be lethal when the fish are pressured or finicky!
    These lures FLOAT!
    Made from super stretchy TPE Plastic they are super hard-wearing and also have a lifelike feel to them. Loaded with Shrimp scented attractant you're sure to catch the attention of any predatory fish. A balanced level of salt content also provides great attraction whilst ensuring the lures still float.
    We would recommend using our TSU Finesse NED Heads as a hook to pair with these baits.
    Best fished slowly along the bottom! Perfect for Pike, Perch, Chub, and Zander!
    10pcs per pack
    Available in 8 Colours to suit all conditions:
    A - Signal Cray
    B - Muddy Shad
    C - Green Pumpkin and Lime
    D - Stealth
    E - White Flash
    F - Limetreuse
    G - Pinky
    H - Green Pumpkin N Black Flake
    PLEASE NOTE, these lures can only be stored on their own as the TPE Plastic will react with other normal soft plastic lures!
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