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TSU DW65 Floating Minnow 58mm 5g
  • TSU DW65 Floating Minnow 58mm 5g

    These UL Floating Minnows are perfect for Perch, Trout, and Chub! 


    They have an erratic wobble when jerked with the rod tip which imitates an injured or dying minnow. They also have a tight swimming action on the retrieve. Equipped with two super sharp TSU Treble hooks!


    We would recommend changing to our range of Single Hooks if you are using this bait for Trout. This is better for the fish and the angler as you get more hooks up and easier unhooking!


    2 Colours:


    C - Spotted Trout

    G - Holo Perch

    H - Roach

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