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TSU DW40 Micro Crankbait 32mm 2.7g
  • TSU DW40 Micro Crankbait 32mm 2.7g

    These are the perfect Micro cranks for UL Perch and Trout fishing. Coming in at a micro size of 32mm and 2.7g these lures are perch magnets!


    Equipped with super sharp hooks and strong split rings they are ready to fish! You can also change the hooks to singles if you wish!


    We would recommend changing to our range of Single Hooks if you are using this bait for Trout. This is better for the fish and the angler as you get more hooks up and easier unhooking!


    4 Colours:


    C - Brown Trout

    D -  Black Minnow

    F - Lemon Tiger

    H - Mud Shad

    L - Clown

    • Shipping

      Shipping is 2.99 to anywhere in the UK. Items are sent Royal Mail second class. Postage is subject to change if ordering more than 4 items.

    • Returns

      Returns are only accepted due to damaged or defect items, a decison will be made on the situation.

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