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TSU Bottle Shrimp 68mm 2.4g
  • TSU Bottle Shrimp 68mm 2.4g

    The TSU Bottle Shrimp is the perfect lure when you're looking for a Finesse Style crayfish imitation! A subtle yet noticed action, its appendages vibrate when moved along the bottom. 


    Small enough for any Perch yet the perfect size to catch the attention of the bigger fish, it's a great middle-ground lure on days where you need that minimal action and profile. I've been having great success recently fishing this lure with plenty of pauses!


    Loaded with Shrimp scented attractant you're sure to catch the attention of any predatory fish!


    Best fished weedless using our TSU Weedless Hooks #2.


    Perfect for Perch, Chub, and Zander! 20pcs per pack


    Available in 4 Colours:


    A - PBJ

    B - Night (Best for dirty water!)

    C - Green Pumpkin

    D - Elecrtric Green

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