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Smith D-Contact 50mm 4.5g

Smith D-Contact 50mm 4.5g

At Needham's ST, we are delighted to be able to offer you the very best unique and innovative JDM Tackle straight from some of the most popular manufacturers in Japan. 


D-Contact with Inertial Slide

A heavy sinking minnow that has transformed lure fishing in mountain streams. D-CONTACT is a minnow that realizes "inertial slide" action, and can be said to be the igniter of heavy sinking minnows.

The "D" has a built-in tungsten weight with a specific density of 18, and while securing a weight of 4.5g for 50mm, 7g for 63mm, and 9.5g for 72mm, it has an amazing "distance power" with an ultra-thin body form.・ It means "deep power" and "direction power".

Heavy Sinking Minnow Despite being a popular spark, its high degree of perfection is unrivalled and its high support is still unabated


Inertial slide that shifts to the slow speed region
This is an action that is not found in normal floating and sinking minnows. In the case of an existing minnow, repeat movement → stop → movement → stop with a twitch or the like. At the time of "stop", it tries to regain its posture with buoyancy (there is a buoyancy to regain its posture even in sinking), but it does not move forward, and as a result, it "stops". Due to its own weight, D-CONTACT twists while trying to regain its posture according to the law of inertia. This is an inertial slide. After that, it shifts to the slow speed area.

In the sequence of motion → inertial slide → motion → inertial slide, the fish is invited by “movement” and recognizes the time in the slow speed region from the slow but moving inertial slide as a bite chance. The same thing can be felt when birds and beasts catch their prey.


In the style of fishing up a river that does not pop out even with a cross-down
Twitch, the frequency of using the down-cross downcast is less than 10%, but there are always situations where it is necessary to do so. D-CONTACT has been developed as a minnow for fishing by making heavy use of upstream casts and producing twisting slide actions such as fluttering by twitching, dirt, and jerking. However, at that time, the minnow that focuses only on the upstream cast will not feel like a field. Due to its nature, sinking minnow has weaknesses such as reverse lookup twitch, but D-CONTACT has the same potential from up to cross to down. No more hassle to switch to floating when down.


Range control is possible
Because it has a considerable weight, the falling speed is fast and you can aim at deep places. It can be used in various ranges depending on the retrieve, how to set the distance between twitches, and the position of the rod tip.

50mm, 63mm, and 72mm all types have a slightly rear fixed centre of gravity, so you can get a large flight distance far surpassing conventional size lures without blurring. When there is a headwind, you can see how grateful it is for its own weight.


Appeal by visual change of shape
The thin body and "character" shape are designed to make the target fish aware of the big change with a slight flutter and rolling. When the target fish sees D-CONTACT from below, it looks thin, thin, or weak, but the shape changes completely when rolling, making you aware of the change.

The paint and body have different holograms to give them a presence in the water. Considering both natural attractors for colouring, it is a lineup that emphasizes practicality.


Black ring and hook specifications make the most of the glitter of the lure
Achromatic black finish except for the body. The hook is a Kaken specification that sticks quickly.






#12 treble


2 Colours available

33 Yamame Foil

34 Purple Orange


If you've already heard of these mega little lures then I don't need to say much! Exceptionallty well produced with a great attention to action and colouring, probably one of the most successful Trout Lures on the JDM Market!

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