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SLP Works Zion Handle Knob PAIR

SLP Works Zion Handle Knob PAIR

At Needham's ST, we are delighted to be able to offer you the very best unique and innovative JDM Tackle straight from some of the most popular manufacturers in Japan. 


If you're looking for a stylish yet understated upgrade for your BFS Reel then look no further. SLP Works produce High-end BFS Reel dress-up parts which really are amazing!


Made of lightweight and highly sensitive "Zion" material. The blank shape enables direct touch to the handle rivet, the delicate vibration is transmitted more clearly and directly.


Not to forget, these handle knobs look phenomenal on the correct reel!


5g total weight (per knob)


3 colours:

Candy Red




Compatible with Daiwa Reels


*Bearings not included, bearings are used from the original reel*


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