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Shimano SLX BFS
  • Shimano SLX BFS

    At Needham's ST, we are delighted to be able to offer you the very best unique and innovative JDM Tackle straight from some of the most popular manufacturers in Japan. 


    The SLX BFS is the perfect entry-level BFS Reel produced to exceptional Japanese standards! Exceptionally smooth, rigid and durable. You'll be casting down to 3g accurately no problem!


    A new standard for affordable BFS from Shimano


    The long-awaited bait finesse model has appeared in the SLX, which supports the core of Shimano bait reels with reliable basic performance. The braking section is an FTB (finesse tune brake system) developed exclusively for BFS. By eliminating the brake unit from the spool, it is lighter allowing you to cast lightweight lures without stress. Other specifications include X-SHIP and clicking drag sound. Anyone can enjoy high-quality bait finesse games.


    Impression from Takumi Ito (Professional Japnese Bass Angler):


    When I first used the SLX BFS, I was honestly asked, "Is it okay to have such good performance even though it is an affordable reel?". You can cast 2.5-3.5g of lure with a low trajectory, and you can accurately send the lure to the back of the structure by skipping. The throwing feeling is not much different from the high-end model, and I think it has all the necessary functions for the bait finesse reel. I am grateful for this cost performance when I need multiple units. It is a reel that I would like to actively use in tournaments in the future.


    Shimano Technology


    Shimano's original new brake mechanism. Pursuing the lightest spool of bait finesse

    To handle lightweight lures, weight reduction of spools is the most important issue. However, traditional braking systems have their limitations. Shimano's original "FTB" has created the lightest spool in Shimano bait finesse reel history by eliminating the brake unit from the spool. In addition, it is equipped with a magnet movement mechanism that changes according to the number of rotations. This means a new braking system that can flexibly handle everything from pitching to overhead casting.


    Unitless spool

    Eliminates the brake unit from the spool unit, resulting in a lean and lightweight spool (spool weight 7.5g excluding BB). This made it possible to approach with a lower trajectory in pitching, which is the original usage of bait finesse.


    Magnet movement mechanism

    A completely new idea that changes the magnet position control according to the number of rotations. As a result, we succeeded in getting closer to the centrifugal braking characteristics that Shimano pursued, and it became possible to handle everything from pitching to overhead without trouble.


    X Ship

    Larger diameter drive gear, optimal placement of both pinion and drive gears, and 2-point support with pinion gear bearings. The meshing of these robust gears maintains a light reeling that is strong against loads.


    HAGANE body construction

    By using a lightweight and highly rigid metal such as Aluminium and Magnesium, the bending, distortion, and twisting of the reel are firmly suppressed. Protects delicate gear engagement and enables smooth reeling.


    Exciting drag sound

    While fighting with fish, a light "exciting drag sound" creates a blissful experience.


    S3D Spool

    The spool accuracy has been significantly improved by completely reviewing the machining method. As a result, the quietness during casting is improved.


    S A-RB Technology

    By applying a special rust preventive treatment to the bearing itself, the durability against rust has been greatly improved. The sides of S AR-B are further sealed with a rust preventive material to significantly reduce salt shavings due to salt recrystallization inside the bearing.


    Super Free Spool

    When the clutch is disengaged, only two bearings support the spool. It is a system that suppresses rattling and reduces spool-free performance to the utmost limit.


    Specs (LHW)


    Line retrieved per turn of handle: 63cm

    Gear ratio: 6.3

    Weight: 170g

    Maximum drag: 3.5kg

    Handle length: 84mm

    Bearings: 6

    Saltwater Safe


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