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Seaguar R18 Fluoro LTD Hard 80m

Seaguar R18 Fluoro LTD Hard 80m

At Needham's ST, we are delighted to be able to offer you the very best unique and innovative JDM Tackle straight from some of the most popular manufacturers in Japan. 


Probably the best fluorocarbon mainline out there for lure fishing, the JDM version of the insanely popular Seaguar Tatsu! Super sensitive, hard and abrasion-resistant. What more could you ask for from an FC Mainline?


A line for intermediate and advanced users that pursues the highest class strength and sensitivity in the series. The line quality is firm with an emphasis on strength and sensitivity, so please be careful if you are an angler who is not accustomed to hard type lines.


Breaking strains:

6lbs 0.205mm Reference No. 1.5

8lbs 0.235mm Reference No. 2

10lbs 0.260mm Reference No. 2.5

12lbs  0.285mm Reference  No. 3

20lbs 0.370mm Reference No. 5 (Perfect for winter fishing on an ML Perch Set-Up)


Supplied in 80m spools


I'm mainly using this line over winter when I want a great casting, hard, super sensitive and abrasion-resitant mainline. I use the 12lbs on my 4-10g Set-Up, this may seem overkill but due to Fluorocarbons characteristics, it reacts very sensitively when used this way. With Fluorocarbon starting to stretch at around 40% of its breaking strain using a heavier line gives me an even more sensitive feel when the bites can be super fine in winter. Another big advantage being no leader knot and smother casting! 


If you are thinking of using this stuff for mainline it's good practice to tie on a heavier lure and take a big cast before fishing, wind back under tension and the line should behave a little better!

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