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OSP Three Hunts Finesse Bass Jig
  • OSP Three Hunts Finesse Bass Jig

    At Needham's ST, we are delighted to be able to offer you the very best unique and innovative JDM Tackle straight from some of the most popular manufacturers in Japan. 


    A new standard for all Finesse Jigs!


    "OSP JIG ZERO THREE "HUNTS" was developed to pull out the big bass hidden in the tough field where high pressure is accelerating year by year. The finesse jig is an extremely practical item that "you can get a solid bite with".


    The finesse jig released by OSP must be a heavy-duty specification that can handle sudden big bass with plenty of room to spare. Furthermore, the delicate action of the lure invites the fish to bite confidently. "Snagless performance" enables a positive approach and prevents chance of loss due to the lure getting hung on debris. 


    The main concept is a perfect jig after specializing in all of these. The balance between the unique head shape and the rear line eye maintains a natural horizontal posture that does not make the bass feel uncomfortable and responds swiftly to delicate invitations.


    The semi-long shank hook selected with the highest priority on hooking will surely catch the mouth of the bass without allowing it to slip out. We've eliminated the eye-catching decorations and refined only the most coveted features in the field to "eat and catch." "HUNTS" is a REAL STANDARD that sets a new standard of Bass Jigs.


    Semi-football shaped head:
    While maintaining the high stability of a football shape, the side is scraped off to minimize snagging in the structure. By concentrating the centre of gravity on the head part and arranging the line tie behind the head centre part, sharp action is achieved. Stamped with an easy-to-read weight display that allows you to instantly determine the weight.


    Worm Keeper
    By thinning the keeper part, the centre of gravity is concentrated on the head. This has achieved sharp movement, excellent sensitivity, and a tight fall to the structure. Three edgy steps prevent the trailer worm from slipping. Also supports rough use such as skipping.


    Semi-long hook
    A super sharp flat hook with strength and reliability is adopted, assuming fighting with big fish and forcible exchange around the cover. OSP have selected the optimum size for each weight and the correct gauge that is excellent in penetration performance while ensuring strength. In addition, the semi-long hook does not allow the hook to come off during hooking, and it surely catches the back of the mouth.


    2 colours:

    Tenaga (S05)

    Matt Brown (S18)


    These are one of my favourite finesse bass jigs! Perch +  Bass Jig + Winter means good results!

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