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OSP Dolive Shad 3.5" 7g
  • OSP Dolive Shad 3.5" 7g

    At Needham's ST, we are delighted to be able to offer you the very best unique and innovative JDM Tackle straight from some of the most popular manufacturers in Japan. 


    Just roll or fall

    Until now, shad tail worms have a lively action when used with a no-sinker rig (jighead), but when the retrieve is stopped, they sink with no action... In other words, they lose the power to invite the bass from the moment they stop. This point was the weak point. But the drive shad is different!


    Even in the freefall, he gained a new action to swim voluntarily and turned his weak point into a bite chance. The appearance of falling with the tail fluttering while making the body shimmer is the baitfish itself heading to the bottom at your own will!


    By this, if you land on the cover, aim for the fall bite, then retrieve and chase, it is now possible to feed a bass that could not be caught by just winding, such as by inviting a bass that does not eat with a fall action. Furthermore, in the case of just winding, the tail swings firmly even in dead slow retrieve, but it is stable in fast retrieve, and it produces an attractive sound vibration. The drive shad that responds to various productions is the one and only shad tail worm that you need.


    Recommended rigs


    - No sinker rig
    Wobble and roll action with just winding. It acts firmly even in slow retrieve and produces an attractive sound and splash in buzzing in the fast retrieve. By acquiring voluntary action in the fall, the swim & fall combination technique is effective.


    -Texas rig Freefall
    with a lightweight sinker of about 1.8g, and even with a slow retrieve, shake the body and tail firmly and take a lively action. Not only lateral swimming but also falling-based fishing such as cover shooting can be eaten.


    - Rubber jig trailer
    Naturally imitates the vibration of baitfish swimming with high pitch tail action. Especially, it goes well with the so-called "Scorn Rig" set on the football jig and the rubber jig for swimming.


    - Braided jig trailer
    The vibration of the braided jig lure and the high pitch tail action of the drive shad make the whole body lively. Its strong appeal is outstanding fish collecting power.


    Recommended using a 1/0 hook. 7pcs per pack


    1 colour:

    Gold Shiner (TW103)


    If you are after an edge that the fish haven't seen before then pick these baits up! They are exceptionally versatile in the way you can rig them. Be different!

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