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NST Tactic Pack - Trout Lures
  • NST Tactic Pack - Trout Lures

    The ultimate bundle to get you started catching Trout on hard baits!


    Whether you are thinking of trying a new method or just want to take advantage of the big savings then our Tactic Packs are definitely for you.


    We've handpicked some of our favourite baits from the lineup and matched the correct end tackle to give everything you need to bank plenty of fish! I've included some new baits and my longtime favourites! Supplied with our super sharp single hooks for better fish welfare and unhooking.


    This Tactic Pack includes:


    TSU 12 Compartment Flip Box

    TSU DW63-B Sinking Jerkbait Golden Shiner

    *new* TSU DW106-K Sinking Jerkbait Perch

    *new* TSU DW106-A Sinking Jerkbait Golden Shad

    *new* TSU DW106-D Sinking Jerkbait Pink Shiner

    TSU DW55-G Popper Ghost Shad 

    TSU DW24-C Floating Crank Rudd

    TSU DW65-F Crankbait Striped Roach

    TSU Tepan VIB

    NST Single Hooks #8 x2 packs

    NST Single Hooks #6


    With an RRP of £47.88, you're saving a tonne!


    This Tactic Pack is aimed to be used on a UL Setup in the 1-10g range. If your looking at a rod for this style why not check out the Kuying Teton TTC602UL/TTS602UL!

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