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Nikko Baits Zaza Tadpole 2.9"
  • Nikko Baits Zaza Tadpole 2.9"

    At Needham's ST, we are delighted to be able to offer you the very best unique and innovative JDM Tackle straight from some of the most popular manufacturers in Japan. 


    The ultimate tadpole imitation!

    Designed for fishing on the drop-shot rig the Tadpole from Nikko Baits is a killer natural imitation to choose. The perfect size for all predatory UK Species!


    You'll save a hell of a lot of money using these quality baits in the long run, Nikko has had reports of some customers catching 100+ on a single bait in the US!




    2.9" (73mm)

    5pcs per pack

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    C01 Green Pumpkin

    C06 Natural


    All Nikko baits are manufactured in Nikko’s own factories in Japan with a level of detail and quality Japan is famous for. With our proprietary floating and durable materials, anglers can keep catching fish on the same bait. Our baits remain toxin-free so that anglers can fish with no impact to the waters they love. Whether you fish freshwater or saltwater, Nikko has the right bait for you.


    *Please store these baits separately to avoid them reacting with standard soft plastics!*

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