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Kuying Teton MK1 Casting Rod
  • Kuying Teton MK1 Casting Rod

    The Kuying Teton MK1 is the first generation of the Teton from Kuying.


    A classic and a firm favourite for many anglers across the country, the Kuying Teton are super light and sensitive rods with a price point that won't break the bank. Produce with strong, high quality components these rods are exceptional value for money.


    Features such as FUJI Guides, FUJI Reel seat, Toray-30t Carbon and cork handle make up these rods. With the SUL models you'll be sure to have a blast with a range of small species as they really do bend right through the blank! The UL and Light models are perfect for Trout, Chub, Pike and Zander.


    These models serve as great 'all round' rods. A variety of methods can be fished without sacrificing performance in other areas.


    3 models available:




    Length: 1.59m

    Lure Weight: 0.8-3g

    Total Weight: 78g

    Action: Medium/Regular


    The lightest and lowest casting weight available. Ideal for using XUL/SUL lures for a range of Perch and Silverfish. If your looking for a top-quality affordable BFS rod to cast the lightest weights then look no further!




    Length: 1.80m

    Lure Weight: 1-4g

    Total Weight: 100g

    Action: Medium/Regular


    In the middle of the 3 options is the 1-4g UL version. The ideal UL Perch/Trout rod. Perfect for fishing UL soft plastics and moving lures. Light enough to handle unpredictable Brown Trout and Perch!




    Length: 1.98m

    Lure Weight: 2-10g

    Total Weight: 91g

    Action: Medium/Regular

    *split handle model*


    The more stepped up of the 3 options available is the 2-10g Light version. At home being used as a Light Perch, Pike, Zander and Chub rod due to the backbone from this blank. Consider this option if you'd like a stepped up Trout rod for bigger fish! The Medium/Regular action will keep Trout pinned while also giving you power in the blank for bigger fish.

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