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Jackall Gantarel Glide Bait
  • Jackall Gantarel Glide Bait

    At Needham's ST, we are delighted to be able to offer you the very best unique and innovative JDM Tackle straight from some of the most popular manufacturers in Japan. 


    In my opinion, the best performing and finished glide bait on the market at the moment! A devastating lifelike action match by no other.


    Supports cover capture! Bluegill type big bait!

    Bluegill type big bait "GANTAREL" stimulates the instinct of fish. If you are preying on bluegill, of course, even if not, you will draw out the attack instinct of black bass and bring it to the bite.


    Basically, it works best on a straight retrieve, but it is also effective to add rod action so that you can hit the flutter around the cover. And when the chase alone does not reach the bite, if you add a twitch during the retrieve, it will repeat a big turn of 180 ° or more. Surprised by this “turning back” that seems to intimidate the opponent, black bass will reflexively use his mouth. It is also a feature of GANTAREL that there are many intense bites that can be snatched. Please experience the power of the Gantarel!


    This has hands down one of the most lifelike actions that I've ever seen on a lure! When wound on a straight retrieve the lure reacts by swimming in a tight and realistic S pattern.


    Add in a pause and that's when this thing really comes into its own. Adding a pause causes the bait to turn back on itself 180 degrees, the perfect opportunity for any following fish to strike!


    This bait is super stable whether that be at a slow or fast speed, it's just balanced so well. You also have the option to fish at different depths thanks to the two-line ties on the front of the bait.



    Floating (option to rig surface or sub-surface around 0.5m)

    Length: 160mm

    Weight: 70g

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