Fishband Clamber Hyper Micro BFS Reel
  • Fishband Clamber Hyper Micro BFS Reel

    At Needham's ST we are delighted to be able to offer you these awesome "Tier-1" CDM BFS Reels! At the moment you won't find these for sale anywhere else in the UK.


    Since its release in early 2021, the Fishband Hyper Clamber Micro has set a new standard when it comes to affordable, high quality and great performing BFS Reels. 


    These reels are compact, smooth, great performing and are insanely good looking. What more could you ask for from an affordable BFS Reel?



    • Shallow ported spool (7.71g including stock bearing, 6.16g without bearing)

    • 6.6:1 gear ratio (70 cm line retrieved per handle turn)

    • Clicking Drag System as standard

    • 9 ball bearings +1 “roller” bearing for anti-reverse system

    • Max Drag of 4.5 kg

    • 150g total weight

    • Aviation Grade Aluminium Frame and Spool

    • 40 point adjustable Magnetic Braking System

    • Drag Star Clicks on adjustment

    • Left-Hand and Right-Hand Wind models are available<