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ESFishing Easy-er Shiner 50mm 0.8g 10pcs
  • ESFishing Easy-er Shiner 50mm 0.8g 10pcs

    Based off the highly popular Easy Shiner style shads but a fraction of the price!


    These are a 50mm 0.8g Shad Lure with a tight and fast tail kick on the retrieve, rise and fall. Fish them on a jighead, weedless or on dropshot, the possibilities are endless.


    When they arrived I was very suprised with the high quality. Some awesome colours to suit all conditions, Ice Shad being my favourite. One of the best things about these lures is that they are supplied in a crush proof packaging to save the tails!


    They are always my go to lure for Perch, I actually caught my PB Perch on the Ice Shad Colour! I prefer to jig these along the bottom slowly but I may switch to a more eratic mid water presentation to try and nick a bite.


    10pcs per pack


    Get on em, hopefully you enjoy these great lures as much as I do!

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