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Decoy Round Snap SN1
  • Decoy Round Snap SN1

    At Needham's ST, we are delighted to be able to offer you the very best unique and innovative JDM Tackle straight from some of the most popular manufacturers in Japan. 


    The SN1 Round Snap pays attention to the fact that the lure action is different depending on the lure and line connection (snap, split ring, etc.). The snap draws out 100% of the action of all lures, is easy for anyone to use, and surely targets the lure. It is a high-quality lure snap developed for the purpose of fascinating and capturing.


    •  Round vent shape that goes well with various lure eyes, from 8-pin eyes to heaton eyes.
    •  CFD analyzes and designs shapes that are less likely to cause turbulent water flow that hinders lure action.
    • The shape reduces contact loss and surely reproduces the action of the lure.
    •  Smooth attachment/detachment is possible even for deep eyes (often used for long minnows, etc.) that are difficult to set with conventional snaps.
    •  Achieves zero weight variation in consideration of the effect on lures.
    •  Uses a new material with strong elasticity and less metal fatigue.






    13pcs per pack

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