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Decoy Dream Hook Worm15
  • Decoy Dream Hook Worm15

    At Needham's ST, we are delighted to be able to offer you the very best unique and innovative JDM Tackle straight from some of the most popular manufacturers in Japan. 


    If you've used Decoy before you'll know how sharp, strong and reliable these hooks really are! These are in my opinion some of the most affordable and best-performing hooks on the market.


    High potential offset considering horizontal movement. The best match hook for no sinkers, split shots, light Carolinas, heavy Carolinas and rigs that generally focus on lateral action. Especially for the use of 4 to 6 inch soft stick bait, which is said to be very voluminous and very difficult to hook, it is unrivalled.









    9pcs per pack


    These are my most used hooks, if I'm rigging "normal-sized" lures weedless I use them!

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