Daiwa Steez AIR TW
  • Daiwa Steez AIR TW

    At Needham's ST, we are delighted to be able to offer you the very best unique and innovative JDM Tackle straight from some of the most popular manufacturers in Japan. 


    The Steez AIR TW, Daiwa's flagship BFS reel, a dedicated bait finesse machine! Able to handle the lowest of weights without compromise, a machine truly able to push the extreme.


    Next-generation bait finesse reel equipped with ultra-small diameter AIR spool suited for extreme finesse application


    Flagship Steez, finally a bait finesse dedicated machine has appeared. Equipped with an ultra-small diameter φ28mm G1 duralumin AIR spool that maximizes the casting performance of finesse lures. The ultra-small diameter spool increases the ability to handle lures that are lighter than conventional bait finesse machines, overturning the concept of finesse. The TWS system maximizes the spool performance when rotating at ultra-high speed. Exceptionally lightweight due to the compact body,  a bait finesse machine from another dimension.


    Break through the limits of bait finesse with the competition specification of the AIR System


    Daiwa did not stop the evolution of bait finesse machine at the 19Steez CT SV. It is now clear that CT SV was just the beginning of further advanced development.


    The new masterpiece is the Steez AIR TW. Inheriting the genetics of great Daiwa bait finesse machines, a colour scheme that symbolizes hitting the highest performance. The frame is made of magnesium, a material with characteristics that are extremely lightweight and highly rigid, only weighing only 135g. This easily clears the strict Daiwa strength standards. The ultimate in racing spec is here, the door to a new era of bait finesse is about to open!


    "2g, if you talk about extremes, there is no problem with the cast even if it is 1g" Shuya Akabane


    Shuya Akabane (Daiwa Japan Pro Staff) has great expectations for the AIR TW as a new weapon to break through the severe modern field. The basis of this is the φ28mm AIR spool, which marks the smallest diameter in Daiwa history (even in world history). The material is a reliable G1 duralumin that is overwhelmingly lightweight while still maintaining strength. Its low inertia allows the spool to move easily. With TWS, which has a large opening, your promised smooth casting. There is no dispute that it will be a powerful weapon that will not miss another fish in the field of extreme toughness.


    Daiwa Technology


    Extreme finesse ultra-small diameter Φ28mm AIR spool

    AIR spool for finesse application that maximizes performance. Equipped with ultra-lightweight micro BB to support ultra-lightweight lures. *FOR FRESHWATER USE ONLY*


    G1 Duralumin Drive Gear

    G1 duralumin, which has supported the spool technology of Daiwa bait reel, is used for the gears. Durability is improved and smooth winding lasts for a long time.


    High-precision machine cut air metal housing

    AIR metal (Magnesium Alloy) is used for the main housing, and super metal (Aluminum) is used for the set plate to bemefit from its light weight and high rigidity to suppress blurring and distortion. Directly linked to improving casting performance and reeling performance.


    Zero adjuster

    The mechanical brake no longer only suppresses the backlash of the spool and does not need to be readjusted. This means setting the optimum braking force for each lure is made possible by only adjusting the mag dial.


    AIR brake system

    A brake system that achieves stress-free usability with extremely little backlash while significantly improving accuracy performance. The combination of the lightweight induct rotor structure and the lightweight spool greatly improves the rotation response as a spool unit. At the same time, the setting aims for a synergistic effect with a mag brake that has a clear on and off effect. The brake works well at full casting power, but at low rotation such as pitching, the induct rotor does not pop out and you can shoot with a low trajectory.


    In other words, the spool rotates quickly even with a small force, the lure flies surprisingly well without force, and on the contrary, the backlash zone generated by the force is braked exactly. As a result, the same brake setting provided a high level of comfort in which pitching and casting were compatible.


    Speed Shaft System

    The spool is only supported by the BB. Shaftless eliminates excess resistance, providing ideal spool rotation and excellent reeling power.


    A structure in which the T-shape level wind rotates half a turn back and forth according to the clutch being ON / OFF. 

    During casting, the level wind rotates forward and the line is smoothly ejected through the wide part of the T-shape level wind. At the time of retrieval, the level wind tilts backwards and makes a half-turn, and the line is guided to the groove at the bottom of the level wind, and it is wound tightly and in parallel. Daiwa's original level wind system achieves both line emission performance and trouble-free line management performance.

    UTD [Ultimate Tournament Drag]

    Eliminates the initial resistance at the beginning of the drag effect, while still achieving smoothness without sticking (unevenness). The more you tighten it, the more effective the maximum drag force is.


    Specs (500HL):

    Line retrieved per turn of handle: 60cm

    Gear ratio: 6.8

    Weight: 135g

    Maximum drag: 3.5kg

    Handle length: 80mm

    Bearings: 12+1



    If you're looking at investing in one of the best JDM BFS Reels out there then look no further than the Steez AIR. Casting 1g Finesse Lures is now possible, for out of the box performance no other reel comes close. A truly dedicated reel for sub 5g work, long casting and accuracy are no stranger to the Steez AIR.