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Daiwa Gekka Bijin X LT Spinning Reel
  • Daiwa Gekka Bijin X LT Spinning Reel

    At Needham's ST, we are delighted to be able to offer you the very best unique and innovative JDM Tackle straight from some of the most popular manufacturers in Japan. 


    The Daiwa Gekka Bijin X LT Spinning Reel is one of Daiwa's high end spinning reels from the Japanese Domestic Market


    A new series from the leading light salt game, Tsukishita Beauty brand, is now available. One of the best introductions to light salt games


    Dedicated to light salt games with a focus on winding sensitivity. Introducing Tsukishita Beauty X, which is ideal for beginners to aging and mebering.


    The design concept of LIGHT & TOUGH LIGHT: Reduces the weight of various parts and reduces the diameter of the spool.
    TOUGH: By reviewing the body material and gears, we have finished the ideal reel that is lightweight and compact but also tough.
    LC-ABS (Long Cast-ABS)

    While retaining the idea of reducing the backlash of ABSII, we have reviewed the contact point between the spool and the line release, and succeeded in bringing about a cast feel and maximum distance that can be escaped. As a result, line troubles are reduced compared to ABSII, and the flight distance is increased by 5%.
    Air Rotor

    An air rotor with a structure that can be called a
    rotor revolution. The load is distributed by the optimal rim structure with a unique shape, achieving a significant weight reduction with the same strength. The rotor balance has also been improved, achieving light rotation with good response.
    High-Grip I-Type Finesse Knob

    The first ultra-lightweight "High-Grip I-type finesse knob" is used on a small spinning reel. A small and lightweight knob that matches delicate fishing.

    The high-grip specification ensures firm grip performance and ease of grip while being small and lightweight.
    Air Veil

    The use of air bale dramatically reduces thread entanglement troubles even in light saltwater games that use a lot of ultra-fine PE. Furthermore, by using a hollow structure, the weight does not change, and the strength is greatly increased.
    Perfect Line Stopper

    A new shape line stopper that can be used for fine yarns such as PE and thick yarns such as leaders. Easy to hang, hard to come off, easy to remove. It is also light. The horizontal setting structure saves space in the vertical direction and contributes to the weight reduction of the spool.




    Waterproof structure that shuts out the intrusion of seawater and dust by creating a magnetic oil wall in the gap between the body and the rotor. Since the body and rotor are contactless, light and smooth rotation is maintained, and the initial rotation performance is maintained for a long time.


    Many of the causes of rotational noise are salt and foreign matter intrusion. Of course, there are cases where it occurs by accidentally dropping it into water, but except in such cases, the rotational noise generation rate of the mug-shielded reel has decreased significantly. Moreover, this ratio is becoming more and more visible in the data as time passes since the appearance of Magshield. This means that the longer you use it, the more effective it will be. In other words, it proves that the dust and water resistance of the Mag Shield is at a very high level.

    ATD [Automatic Drag System]

    A new generation drag system that continues to work while smoothly following the pull of the fish. Since the start is smoother than before, it is difficult to break the line, and it is less likely to cause discomfort to the fish, so it is less likely to be unnecessarily violent. In addition, there is a unique stickiness to the operating feeling, and even at low drag settings, it is less likely to run at once, and the frequency of drag readjustment during the fight is reduced, allowing you to concentrate on the fight.

    AIR ROTOR [Air Rotor]
    An air rotor with a unique shape that can be called a rotor revolution. The unique optimal rim shape distributes the load, achieving significant weight reduction with the same strength. The weight reduction of the rotor not only leads to a reduction in its own weight, but also contributes to the "winding sensitivity" of the reel itself by improving the rotational response. The adoption of a new lightweight air rotor achieves a highly responsive rotation performance that exceeds its class, which makes even experts groan.





    5.2:1 Gear ratio

    5kg max drag


    45mm handle

    68cm line retrieve per turn

    5+1 BB

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