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Daiwa Gekka Bijin AIR TW PE Special 2020
  • Daiwa Gekka Bijin AIR TW PE Special 2020

    At Needham's ST, we are delighted to be able to offer you the very best unique and innovative JDM Tackle straight from some of the most popular manufacturers in Japan. 


    The Daiwa Gekka Bijin AIR TW PE Special 2020 is well known for being one of the best performing JDM BFS Reels at an exceptional value for the money price point. 


    Let's get it in our hands.
    Comfort beyond that.

    TWS, which sends out the released line smoothly, frees you from line troubles and takes you to a stress-free dimension that goes beyond common sense.
    It is possible to cast even lures in the 1g range with bait tackle.


    Free from the "line troubles" sought by SW bait finesse anglers.
    In order to achieve both low-trajectory pitching and long-distance casting performance of micro lures using PE line, we need a Φ28mm G1 duralumin AIR spool for PE and a TWS that maximizes line release performance.Unexplored territory can only be achieved by having the performance of both.


    The brakes are AIR brake PE tuned, and even when using micro lures, it can stably hit over 20m.
    The drag pull-out click allows you to grasp the effectiveness of the drag in response to instantaneous thrusts, and the drag sound supports you when the line tension is at its limit.


    Will you master it or challenge it?
    This is a gift for expert anglers who mainly enjoy plucking but also delicate operations such as single jigs with bait tackle.


    Included technology -


    TWS greatly reduces the resistance in the line guide near the spool, where the spool rotational speed is highest, and promises comfortable fishing with less backlash. It flies well, has improved controllability, falls quickly, and has little backlash. TWS improves all basic performance of bait reel.


    Eliminates the initial biting when the drag starts to work, and achieves a smooth stick (unevenness) while providing maximum drag force that becomes more effective the more you tighten it.


    Φ28mm G1 duralumin AIR spool for PE Made
    of "G1 duralumin", a material that is approximately 1.3 times stronger than the super duralumin used for spools as the strongest aluminum material. When you want to improve finesse performance, keeping the amount of winding line below the spool half line will make the lightweight rig easier to handle.
    *The recommended amount of winding thread is PE0.6-50m. Please do not use lines larger than PE 1 or lures larger than 10g, as this greatly exceeds the conditions for proper use of this reel.
    *This product has a brake setting with the recommended amount of winding thread.
    *The scale of the mag dial will change depending on the rod that is combined.
    *PE-specific spool: Because we have mastered the setting with PE line, we cannot use nylon or fluoro line, which will stretch the thread and damage the spool strength.


    Zero shaft
    spool is only supported by BB. Shaftless eliminates extra resistance and provides ideal spool rotation. In other words, it is the key to a high-output engine that prioritizes casting performance. In 2021, the spool mechanism that was once called the speed shaft will be renamed the "zero shaft."


    Zero Adjuster
    Introduction By adjusting the "Zero Adjuster" and implementing the "Spool Backlash Zero" setting, it is now possible to control all lures with only the mag dial due to the evolution of the magnetic brake. The "Zero Adjuster" is a mechanism that allows you to enjoy fishing comfortably without malfunctions during fishing by adjusting to the "zero setting" before starting fishing.
    *“Zero spool play” setting is the setting that is at the limit of not pushing the spool while leaving a slight play (about 0.2 mm).


    Air Brake System
    A brake system that significantly improves accuracy performance, has extremely little backlash, and is stress-free to use. The combination of lightweight induct rotor structure and lightweight spool greatly improves rotational response as a spool unit. At the same time, it is set to have a synergistic effect with the effective mag brake with clear on and off, and the brake is effective during full cast, but at low rotations such as pitching, the induct rotor does not pop out and can be shot with a low trajectory. In other words, the spool rises quickly even with a small force, the lure flies surprisingly well even without any force, and on the other hand, it properly brakes against the backlash zone that occurs due to force. As a result, the same brake settings provided a high level of comfort for both pitching and casting.


    Drag pull-out click
    The drag pull-out click is a structure that makes a click so that when the line is pulled out in a fight with a fish, you can tell by the sound of the drag operation.




    8.5L (LHW)

    74cm line retireve per rotation of handle

    8.5 Gear Ratio


    3.5kg max drag

    28mm dia spool

    12+1 BB


    If you're looking at investing in a high-end JDM BFS Reel but still want to stick within a reasonable budget then we 100% think the Daiwa Gekka Bijin AIR TW PE Special 2020 is the reel for you! Comfortably out of the box we feel this reel can cast down to 1g with the correct line and rod. They are an awesome reel for sub 5g work!

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