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Daiwa Alphas SV TW 2021
  • Daiwa Alphas SV TW 2021

    At Needham's ST, we are delighted to be able to offer you the very best unique and innovative JDM Tackle straight from some of the most popular manufacturers in Japan. 


    The Daiwa Alphas SV TW 2021 is an exceptionally well performing yet afforable Light Casting Reel.  Suited for the Light Casting,  it exceptionally versatile with the option to cast from 4/5g up to and around 20g thanks to its innovative SV System.


    A next-generation dual-axis reel with HYPER DRIVE design, including a compact & tough φ32mm SV spool


    Alphas equipped with full NEW TWS & SV spool has appeared! Introducing the next-generation bait reel with a design concept that aims to maintain the initial performance of the HYPERDRIVE design for a long time. Equipped with HYPERDRIVE DigiGear, it optimizes increased strength and rotational feeling, HYPER ARMED HOUSING (Al) is compact yet has tough body rigidity.  Equipped with a φ32mm SV spool, which supports a wide range of lure weights from lightweight BFS lures to Light Casting application. Salt and fresh water compatible. Ideal for experienced anglers to beginners, the ease of use inherits the features of the Alphas series.


    Next Generation Biaxial Bait Reel Technology HYPERDRIVE Design


    Hyper Drive Digigear

    A newly designed gear system for bait finesse reels that pursues a strong and smooth rotation. The gear tooth module that is directly linked to durability is not reduced and the meshing rate is increased. This is Daiwa's unique technology that achieves the above and ensures that the initial smoothness lasts for a long time.


    Hyper Double Support

    A drive support system that achieves continuous smoothness, winding strength and lightness. By supporting both ends of the pinion gear with two high precision ball bearings, the input from the handle is instant. It is possible to wind up powerfully and lightly even when a load is applied.


    Hyper Armed Housing (Al)

    Housing system that firmly supports the internal structure with high rigidity and precision, this in turn produces precise winding comfort and power. It is a necessary condition to use a metal material for the frame and side plates, which is essential. By combining with the set plate, it is possible to continue to demonstrate the basic performance for a longer period of time. In this series, Aluminum alloy is used for the frame, gear side plate, and dial side set plate. It is a full metal housing specification that achieves robustness and unrivaled strength.


    Hyper Tough Clutch

    Clutch system that not only has a sharp on/off performance that lasts thousands of times and tens of thousands of times, but also has extremely few troubles even in seawater with high salt content. Daiwa are proud of their state-of-the-art drag system structure.


    Daiwa Technology


    Air brake system
    A brake system that achieves stress-free usability with extremely little backlash while significantly improving accuracy performance. The combination of the lightweight induct rotor structure and the lightweight spool greatly improves the rotation response as a spool unit. At the same time, the setting aims for a synergistic effect with a mag brake that has a clear on and off effect. The brake works well at full casting power, but at low rotation such as pitching, the induct rotor does not pop out and you can shoot with a low trajectory.


    SV Concept

    A system which maximizes the actual casting benefits due to unique magnetic brakes, it is less likely to backlash and the cast is easily predictable. As a result, you can catch well! With a minimum of adjustment of the mag dial, you can handle from lightweight rigs of around 4 to 5g to heavier lures literally without stress. You don't have to spend time setting up by changing spools or opening side plates. Among the existing bait reels, the SV, which has the widest range of lures, can be used in any style or field, from okappari to boats. The air brake system maximizes the effectiveness of the magnetic brakes and completes a new era of versatile reels.


    TWS T-Wing System
    In recent years, due to the weight reduction and low resistance of spools, Daiwa has been working on how to make full use of a spool that rapidly increases the number of revolutions. Daiwa put a scalpel there. Backlash is a traffic jam when compared to traffic. Big cities, busy roads. If the number of lanes suddenly decreases and cars are concentrated, traffic jams will occur immediately. On the contrary, if the number of lanes increases the traffic decreases. Introduced was the concept of the TWS System. This greatly reduces the resistance at the line guide near the spool where the spool rotation speed is the highest, and promises comfortable fishing with less backlash. It casts well, has better controllability, falls faster, and has less backlash. TWS improves all basic performance of bait reels.


    UTD [Ultimate Tournament Drag]

    Eliminates the initial resistance at the beginning of the drag effect, while still achieving smoothness without sticking (unevenness). The more you tighten it, the more effective the maximum drag force is.


    Specs (TW800H L):

    Line retrieved per turn of handle: 71cm

    Gear ratio: 7.1

    Weight: 175g

    Maximum drag: 4.5kg

    Handle length: 85mm

    Bearings: 7+1


    If you're looking for a Light Casting Reel suited for a slighty heavier application then look no further. Thanks to Daiwa's SV System these reels perform perfectly on a 4-10g, 4-15g or 5-20g set-up. I currently use mine on a Tsurinoya Sagacity 4-10g C652L with 6lbs braid, easily casting all lures in the 4-10g range!

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      £209.99Sale Price
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