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Daiwa 22 Silver Creek AIR TW Stream Custom
  • Daiwa 22 Silver Creek AIR TW Stream Custom

    At Needham's ST, we are delighted to be able to offer you the very best unique and innovative JDM Tackle straight from some of the most popular manufacturers in Japan. 


    The Daiwa 22 Silver Creek AIR TW Stream Custom 2022 is a special edition machine with customization for mountain stream bait finesse anglers!


    In fishing in mountain streams ~ headwaters, there is a high frequency of casts with irregular forms and casts with inconsistent input in a varied point strategy.


    In a normal AIR braking system, the activation of the induct rotor occurs in a short time between the release of the lure on the short cast and the landing in the water. For very short casts or casts with very small inputs, the inductor rotor may not operate. In this way, there is a gap between the actual image of the angler and the operation of the induct rotor, which creates variations in cast accuracy.

    In order to eliminate such stress, the Stream Trout Brake Tune fixes the induct rotor and realizes a highly accurate point attack with a weak constant braking and comfortable fishing with little trouble.

    * A dedicated machine for mountain stream bait finesse with brake settings on the PE line with the recommended amount of yarn winding. It is a brake setting that can also be used with nylon line and fluorocarbon line.


    Φ28mm G1 duralumin stream trout brake tune spool (induct rotor fixed type) provides stable braking power. Improved accuracy in pinpoint capture in mountain streams!




    newly designed gear system for bait reels that pursues strong and smooth rotation for sustained rotation. DAIWA's unique technology achieves an increased meshing rate without reducing the size of the gear tooth module, which is directly related to durability, and realizes that the initial smoothness lasts for a long time.  


    drive support system that achieves continuous smoothness and strength and lightness of winding. By supporting both ends of the pinion gear with two ball bearings with high precision, the input from the handle is not attenuated, and it is possible to wind powerfully and lightly even under load.  


    housing system that firmly supports the internal structure with high rigidity and high precision, creating precise winding comfort and power. The use of metal materials for the frame, which is the key, is a necessary condition, and by combining it with side plates and set plates, it is possible to continue to demonstrate basic performance for a longer time. In this series, aluminum alloy is used for the frame, gear side plate, and dial side set plate. It has a full-metal housing specification that achieves robustness and unmatched strength.  



    Not only does it provide crisp on/off performance that continues to slide thousands or tens of thousands of times, but it is also extremely trouble-free even in salty seawaters.
    We boast a state-of-the-art insulating structure that has already reduced the number of fixes in harsh salt scenes by 99% compared to our company. 

    significantly reduces resistance in the line guide near the spool, where the spool rotation speed is the highest, and promises comfortable fishing with less backlash. It flies better, has more control, falls faster, and has less backlash. TWS improves all the basic performance of bait reels.

    Eliminates the initial bite at the beginning of the drag effect, and has the maximum drag force that works the more you tighten it while achieving smoothness without sticks (unevenness).

    80mm AL Crank Handle
    Equipped with the I-shape cork clear knob that trout anglers like.

    G1 duralumin spool
    A special aluminum-based alloy called G1 duralumin that is twice as strong as magnesium and 1.3 times stronger than ultra duralumin. The ultra-lightweight material that maintains excellent rigidity is the highest grade of lightweight alloy used in aircraft structural materials and precision equipment. If the same strength is maintained, in order to achieve an overwhelming sense of lightness, it is possible to maintain sufficient strength by only thinning the wall without blanking the winding surface of the spool. The high rotational response brought about by the lightness and the precise and unmatched rotation due to the high rigidity are unrivaled.

    Zero Adjuster

    The "Zero Adjuster" is a mechanism that adjusts to the "zero setting" before fishing starts, so that you can enjoy fishing comfortably without malfunctions during fishing.
    * The "Spool Rattle Zero" setting is the last setting that does not press the spool while leaving a fine rattle (about 0.2 mm).

    Drag Drawer Click (clicking drag)
    Drag drawer click is a structure in which a click is made so that the drag operation can be determined by sound when the line is drawn out in a fight with a fish.

    Stream Trout Brake Tune (Induct Rotor Fixed Type)

    PE tune specification with brake settings on the PE line at the recommended amount of yarn winding. It is a brake setting that can be used not only PE but also nylon line and fluorocarbon line. It is a setting that prioritizes accuracy in short~medium distance casting in mountain streams, advocated by the late Hiroyuki Motoyama, a leading expert in mountain stream bait finesse.




    8.5L (LHW)

    74cm line retireve per rotation of handle

    8.5 Gear Ratio


    3.5kg max drag

    28mm dia spool (21mm width)

    6+1 BB


    If you want a dedicated Trout BFS reel then treat yourself to this beauty!

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