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BFS: Bait Finesse Hardback Book & Digital Media
  • BFS: Bait Finesse Hardback Book & Digital Media

    An exceptionally well written and thought out book celebrating the Bait Finesse and Ultra Light community as a whole.


    Accompanied perfectly with your favourite coffee (or beer) for a nice relaxing read, or the ideal book if your lacking that bit of motivation to get out on the bank. I'm sure after having a read you'll be full of inspiration! 


    "In the book and videos you’ll discover a world of BFS adventures, characters, gear and fantastic fish species targeted by a global tribe of passionate anglers. The 72-minute video feature "BFS Daydream" brings small stream Bait Finesse to life and the Bonus Online Chapters mean that the photo-essays aren't only confined to the printed page. Not only that, you'll also find personal extra tipsphotos and even YouTube episodes from contributors to the book.


    Perhaps most importantly, becoming a book owner grants you automatic access to an online "Members Only" community shared with fellow owners - giving you the chance to comment and discuss BFS and all the bonus media with the worldwide community of ultralight baitcasting fans."


    Produced by Dr Paul Gaskell at Fishing Discoveries, a freshwater biologist, Angler & BFS Addict.


    In my personal opinion, I think Paul has done an outstanding job with the book. I keep finding myself picking it up again and again, whether that be just to chill out or because I want some motivation to get out on the bank! 

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